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No One Cares About Your Listings: How to Create Content Consumers Will Sink Their Teeth Into w/Kevin Vitali

November 21, 2017

The traditional real estate model is archaic. What’s missing in the current conversation and practices in the industry? How can you make content marketing a solid part of your operations? What is the biggest mistake agents are making with their online content? On this episode, we are joined by Kevin Vitali who shares the content marketing strategies that really provide value.

It doesn’t really matter what the price is. It’s about finding the right agent to market your home. -Kevin Vitali


  • Low inventory is being created by Baby Boomers who are not retiring as quickly as they used to.
  • Spend time on the blog graphics. They are what get people interested in clicking.
  • The internet is a long game. Be consistent over a long time for it to become effective.
  • Real estate isn’t the product---YOU are.

At the start of the show, Kevin shared how he got into real estate, and we discussed what is causing the low inventory issue in the market. Next, we talked about some of Kevin’s content marketing strategies including tagging influencers, making really good blog graphics and posting smaller posts on other sites. Towards the end, we discussed an important distinction you need to make about your job.

We also discussed:

  • A big mistake agents make with their content
  • The importance of consistency in content marketing
  • Why a concerted effort is more effective than individual work

The real estate business is ever-changing. What worked 10 years ago won’t necessarily work now, and today content is a very important part of being successful. A big mistake agents make with their online content is putting way too much effort on their listings which won’t capture the attention of the people you’re trying to target. Ask yourself if you’re really providing people with the information they want. Give them content that is relevant to getting their home sold fast. That is what will make you stand out.

Guest Bio
Kevin is an agent based in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. His background of owning small businesses has helped him easily translate into his career in real estate. Strong customer service and marketing skills allow Kevin to help his buyer and seller clients. Go to for more information.